lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

#65. David Mitchell. Artículo de Brian Finney

Esta es la resaca de la entrada anterior.

Brian Finney (2011). Perfectly plausible worlds. Los Angeles Review of Books, 31 de agosto de 2011.

WHO IS DAVID MITCHELL? His name meant little or nothing to many Americans until 2007, when Time magazine placed Mitchell 16th on its list of 100 men and women "whose talent, power and moral example is transforming the world." He was the only literary figure in the list and was credited with having "created the 21st-century novel." In fact, this kind of hype began even earlier in the States with reviewers' reception of his third novel, Cloud Atlas, in 2004. The New York Times Book Review greeted this book ecstatically: "Mitchell is, clearly, a genius. He ... can evidently do anything." Other U.S. newspapers followed suit: "An exciting, almost overwhelming masterpiece" (Washington Times); "revolutionary" (Newsday); "thrilling" (Boston Sunday Globe).

El artículo repasa las estructuras y las características comunes de las novelas de Mitchell, y discute las alabanzas y reproches que la crítica le ha hecho. Ciertamente interesante.

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