domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

Some comments on the 2015 Hugo awards statistics

Esta vez toca en inglés. Si uno no está al día del tema, no se enterará de mucho.

Some observations about and estimations from the 2015 Hugo voting statistics:

1 Proof that the Hugos are hopelessly broken:

1.1 One category received 3495 no-award votes, which is more people than had ever voted in any category in the history of the awards.

1.2 Toni Weisskopf possibly receiving the largest support ever for a best editor nominee (I haven't checked, but at 1200 it looks like a plausible claim), yet being no-awarded. I somehow feel that no-award was not originally intended for that purpose.

1.3 There seem to be more people wishing Hugos not to be awarded than to be awarded. "By burning the haystack down we won't have our hay stolen" attitude.

1.4 For best novel, 170 people voted no-award, and nothing under no-award. Thus the number of kamikaze no-awarders was 170.

2 Congratulations to all Vox Day recruiters (you know who you are; oh wait, you don't):

2.1 Vox Day's vote base in nomination stage: Under 170.

2.2 Vox Day's vote base four months later: About 550.

2.3 Number of people Vox Day has proved to be able to manipulate into no-awarding a category: 2,500.

2.4 "Pure SJWs": Some 120-140?

2.5 Success of the establishment in tackling the "Vox Day problem": In a scale from 0 to 10, about -2,000,000. And going down as I speak.

2.6 Vox Day 2016 strategy: Obviously, nominate in a way such that the most people feel incited to no-awarding, then no-award as well.

2.7 Ask yourself: Am I a Vox Day recruiter?

3 Non-nominated people:

3.1 Brad Torgersen would have been nominated if SP3 had not existed.

3.2 Alleged "SJWs" kept from a nomination: John Scalzi, Aliette de Bodard, Seanan McGuire, Rachel Swirsky, Jim C. Hines, Abigail Nussbaum, Natalie Luhrs, Mary Robinette Kowal, I guess more people I don't know, Anita Sarkeesian.

3.3 Person thinking "I hit the jackpot with this free Anita Sarkeesian talking point to promote my new book and bring gamers into RP2": Vox Day.

3.4 People thinking "I thought we surely were enough to get Sarkeesian nominated": 77.

4 Embarrassing institutional actions:

4.1 David Gerrold playing a tambourine to celebrate the first no-award in a full-Puppy category. A direct insult to all WSFS members who opposed bloc no-award voting.

4.2 David Gerrold making a pause just before the announcement to exhibit delight at the category with three John C. Wrights being no-awarded. At least, the remaining 50% of the ceremony conductors had enough professionality for two and didn't make a show of her personal stance.