lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

#93. Ancillary justice. Reseña de Max Viking

Aunque ya había hecho una entrada con reseñas de Ancillary justice -antes de que se pusiera a ganar premios y no parase- es interesante leer una reseña que va en la dirección contraria: que no solo no merecía tantos premios sino que ni siquiera es una buena novela. Es una reseña larga, argumentada, y escrita por un novelista, que tampoco quiere decir que tenga razón.

Max Florschutz (2015). Ancillary Justice – “Being literary” is not a free pass for being poor. Unusual things, 25 de julio de 2015.

I saw Ancillary being brought up by critics of the Hugo Awards during this last year as a criticism that indeed something was wrong with the awards. This only made me want to read Ancillary more, and with the amount of awards it had won, I figured that whatever criticisms were being leveled at it were probably blown out of proportion. 
I was wrong. After picking up my copy from the library and spending the next few weeks reading through it, I’m astounded that this was given any awards at all. Ancillary Justice is plagued with problems, many of them so up front and egregious that any halfway competent editor should have caught them immediately.

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